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Orthopedic Advice From an Ophthalmologist

“And Now for Something Completely Different”      In today’s newsletter, I will write about a topic entirely unrelated to eye health, yet an issue I have become all too familiar with over the years, joint replacement surgery.  The advice I am giving in this article is strictly my opinion based on my own experiences...

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Too Many Ills, Too Many Pills, Too Many Bills

May is a special month for me. My birthday and wedding anniversary are both in May. May is also the month I graduated from medical school. That was 38 years ago, and a lot has changed. New advances in technology, treatments, surgical techniques, and much greater knowledge of diseases have dominated the headlines.

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Why Did My Cataract Surgery Cost Me $5,000?

A cataract is the eye’s own natural lens that becomes cloudy over time. Cataract surgery is offered when the cloudy lens interferes with your daily activities. Once the cataract is removed, it needs to be replaced with an artificial lens to see well. This is the point where a decision on your part becomes very important.

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